Ming-Ming Zhou, PhD
Professor and Principal Investigator
Structural and Chemical Biology
Email: Ming-Ming.Zhou@mssm.edu
William Ka Lung Cheung, PhD
Assistant Professor
Chromatin Cell Biology and Immunology
Email: Kalung.Cheung@mssm.edu
Anbalagan Jaganathan, PhD
Chromatin Cancer Biology
Email: Anbalagan.Jaganathan@mssm.edu
Claudia Kim, BS
MS Graduate Student
Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Email: Claudia.Kim@mssm.edu
Wilnelly Martinez-Ortiz, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Chromatin Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery
Email: Wilnelly.MartinezOrtiz@@mssm.edi
Yoel Rodriguez, PhD
Visiting Professor (CUNY)
Computational Chemistry and Drug Design
Email: Yoel.Rodriguez@mssm.edu
Elena Rusinova, MS
Research Coordinator
Chemical Biology and Biophysiics
Email: Elena.Rusinova@mssm.edu
Rajal Sharma, MD/PhD
Medical Resident
Epigenetic Gene Regulation and Medicine
Email: Rajal.Sharma@mssm.edu
Julia Velez, BS
PhD Graduate Student / Rotation
Chromatin Chemical Biology
Email: Julia.Velez@mssm.edu
Rebecca Winter, BS
Research Coordinator
Chemical Biology
Email: Rebecca.Winter@mssm.edu
Nilesh Zaware, PhD
Assistant Professor
Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Email: Nilesh.Zaware@mssm.edu